• 1 Gold Bark BBQ rub

    • 1 Beef Cake rub

    • 1 Gold Bark Glazed Pecans

    • 1 Beef Cake Glazed Cashews

    • 1 Life of Brine, cherrywood smoked salt

    • 1 large 16 oz amber glass BBQ spritz/spray bottle


    • Christmas

    • Hanukkah

    • Company employee gifts

    • Client appreciation gifts

    • Birthdays

    • Father's Day

    • Mother's Day

    • Valentine's Day

    • Yankee Swap parties

    • Wedding gift

    • Host/Hostess gifts

    • Housewarming gifts

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  • 2-Pack BEEF CAKE & GOLD BARK rubs

    Two wholly unique all-natural meat rubs that can single-handedly transform & elevate your entire kitchen...
  • Meeting You Where You Are...

    We put tremendous thought & energy into making Beef Cake and Gold Bark the perfect meat rubs you never knew you absolutely had to have in your kitchen. That's why we sell our products across the northeast in retailers with a similar commitment to food excellence...
  • The Rub Smoke Love BIG BAG

    Buy in bulk and save…equivalent to approximately 7 bottles of rub for one value price!
  • Rub Smoke Love MERCH

    Premium quality casual hats reppin’ the Rub Smoke Love, BEEF CAKE & GOLD BARK brands…
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