Rub. Smoke. Love.

It's not just a company name. It's a way of life--the bedrock for everything we do. We aim to help meat lovers achieve exceptional results at home thru simple, go-to techniques thoughtfully paired with products crafted for consistently great results over & over again.

If you're ready to move beyond just filling bellies to making your own legendary crave-worthy creations, we're the rub & seasoning brand for you. Introducing Beef Cake and Gold Bark, two wholly unique & versatile blends made for the Rub Smoke Love lifestyle. They'll fast become the MVPs of your kitchen!

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Gold Bark: Winning Meals...Every Time

Exceptional. And exceptionally versatile. It takes a rare, thoughtfully-crafted spice blend to work so seamlessly across so many varied meat preparations. With Gold Bark, "what's for dinner?" is limited only by your imagination...