My Story

Hey, there! This is Matt Chatham, creator of Rub Smoke Love. As some of you may know from social media, I've had a life-long love affair with food...but you may be more familiar with me from football or sports media. Yes, I'm a 3-time Super Bowl never gets old typing that:)  And yes, I've very much enjoyed being a regular on New England television for over the last decade covering the NFL and Patriots. 

But deep down for this Iowa-born, South Dakota-polished New Englander, it's always been about the food for me.  

I've had an unquenchable passion for smoking food my entire adult life. If I had my way, I'd smoke three meals a day, 365 days a year! From the ol' days of open fire cooking, to years of working with charcoal kettles and smokers, to a present-day allegiance to the wonders of year-round pellet smoking & grilling, my experience entertaining with meals for friends and family is something I really treasure. And now I'm ready to share with all of you what I've learned...

No, I'm not a classically trained chef--just a home cook and former restaurant owner who's trial & erred my way through hundreds (if not thousands) of cooks to learn the hard lessons I can now help you bypass.

And the most important lesson: you don't have to have Michelin star in your bio to achieve elite results that will wow your guests. 

My two favorite homemade rubs, Beef Cake & Gold Bark, aren't just concoctions whipped up to sell. These are the formulas I've been using for years, tested and tweaked until perfected.

I've had good. We've all had good. But I was looking to make something of my own that truly knocks your socks off each time you taste it. Something that doesn't taste like every other rub or seasoning you've had. I love American BBQ. But I also love combining spices from around the globe with more typical BBQ profiles, something I think you'll really appreciate in each of these rubs. 

What I also love about them is how incredibly versatile they both are. You don't need a cabinet full of spices to be a phenomenal home cook, and you most certainly don't need to begrudgingly measure every spice gram with every cook to get it just right. That's where we come in. We got you. 

Learn how to expertly prepare meat for smoking--there are no shortcuts to great. And season with rubs crafted to elevate (but not overpower) what we all love so much about a perfectly cooked piece of meat. 

I'd only sell you something I believe in strongly and use myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting our products into your home!